Africa Compassion Network (ACN) is a Not for profit organization established in 2015 by Africans With the sole aim of empowering education and freedom of deprived Children in our rural communities around Africa. We are set to provide them with all basic educational materials and vocational skills they need. The corporation is organized for the purpose of ending child sexual abuse and exploitation, fight to stop children on streets and supporting the education, health care and general  welfare of deprived children in rural areas of the African Continent by fostering relationships among school officials, parents, and community leaders to donate books, classroom furniture, computers, learning materials, medication, healthcare and vocational skills traning.  

President and CEO of AFRICA COMPASSION NETWORK (Mr. Frederick Koomson) whos vision was supported by Vice president (Ms. Vimbayi Phoebe Munonyara and Mr. George Kobina Ashun) has helped bring Africans together with one common mission. The organization has a great team of directors working around the clock to see to achieving the fundamental basis of which this organization was established.

The Executive directors of ACN Worldwide are also in constant communications with ACN representatives of individual countries to see to a proper management of all branches. We have a team of Volunteers from the Head Quarters who will visit these local country offices for first hand information on how Funds are being used and general management of local administrations. The organization's constitution calls for an immediate expulsion of officers or representatives who are charged with evidence of corruption or misuse of organizational Funds. There's an annual Audit period for all branches which results will be made public during our Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the end of every calendar year. 

AFRICA COMPASSION NETWORK is an organization that sees to it that every single PENNY is used for it's intended purpose.

We are humbly urging all concerned Africans around the world to join this great vision of changing the face of the continent through charity. We also encourage DONORS and SPONSORS around the world to support this worthy cause in tackling street children issues, child sexual abuse, exploitation and educating under privileged children devasted by Wars, diseases and extreme poverty in Africa. Let's show some love! 

MISSION STATEMENT, "empowering the education and Socio-economic growth of deprived children and Youth development"

VISION STATEMENT. "The right to education and Freedom for all children"


1. To be fully engaged in charity projects in 40 registered countries across the continent  by the year 2025.

2. To have a full time education scholarship for two students from primary to college level in every registered country by 2019. 

3. A scholarship program to study Abroad for selected students from each country of registration by the year 2020. 

4. To have projects in at least 40 schools in all registered countries by 2030. 

5. An estimation of at least 70 registered members of every country actively partaking in Volunteer work, administrative duties and support of any kind by 2018.

6. Successfully train 1,500 street children in Vocational skills between 2017 and 2019.

7. Reduce child sexual abuse and exploitation cases by 50% in every community we engage in by 2019.

President/Executive Director.
Africa Compassion Network, Inc. Head Office, New York.

Email: fkoomson@acn.ngo

Vice President, Marketing manager ACN Worldwide and Regional Director, SOUTHERN AFRICA.
Email: vmunonyara@acn.ngo

General Secretary ACN           Head office, New York.

Email: gashun@acn.ngo
​            info@acn.ngo


  1. Mr. Daniel Opoku-Agyemang
    Project Cordinator, ACN Head Office.
    Member of the executive Board Email: danebo1122@gmail.com
  2. Mrs. Lilian Sally Addo
    Country Director, ACN Ghana
    (Accra office, Ghana) Email: linsonare@gmail.com
  3. Ms. Anita Botchway
    Communications director, ACN Head Off.
    Event organizer, New York Office.
  4. Quata Budukusu
    Brand Ambassador, ACN Ghana.
  5. Mr. Kojo A. Woode Jr.
    Event organizer, assistant. New York