Empowering deprived African children through Education

Africa Compassion Network seeks to improve and change lives of under privileged children devasted by Civil Wars, Famines, Extreme Poverty and outbreak of diseases in Africa. This goal is set to be achieved through Grants, Donations, volunteering and programs leading to Social and Economic empowerment!


  1. Our Dream for all Children in Africa
  2. Road to future IT technicians...
  3. We can make it happen!
  4. Proud African adoptee graduates.
The vision of Africa Compassion Network is to reach out to all deprived children in 53 countries on the continent through Educational support. We have 5 Countries so far as branch Offices and are preparing for massive projects. ACN is the fastest growing NGO with a vision to solve a whole continent's problem through charity. We are currently laying all foundations for a successful vision.